About me

About me

Senior publishing executive providing entrepreneurial and results oriented leadership in content creation, acquisition, brand management, author relations, marketing, and distribution of content in both physical and digital form. Expertise founded in both short and long term (culturally sensitive) vision and strategic planning in an ever-changing international marketplace. Deep experience with data analysis, international trade in LATAM and marketing localization. Fully bilingual (Spanish and English). Lived and traveled extensively in LATAM.

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership & Management
  • Vision & Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Brand Management

Executive Achievements


  • Served in the leadership of a $1.6 Billion global company.
  • Integrated two leading and competing publishing teams and schedules successfully into one combined team, all the while managing multiple Brand imprints with a singular focus on process and timeline deliverables.
  • Influenced industry leadership on a weekly basis with quick applicable blog posts with leadership and industry tips via email and social media support.

Business Transformation

  • Guided Publishing imprint through the digital transition age with early adoption of backlist conversion as well as simultaneous release of Print and Digital formats. We faced two distinct businesses and addressed them simultaneously.
  • Directed the transition of a distribution company with annual revenues of $5 million to become a leading niche Publisher with revenues of $6.5 million over three years.

Strategic Vision

  • Led our executive leadership team through the decision and implementation process to open wholly owned offices in Mexico. The two largest challenge we needed to overcome to be “green lighted” were the “we tried that before” dialogue as well as the “risk modelling” in a foreign country.
  • Initiated and helped lead executive leadership team through the decision process for adoption of local LATAM market business models. Objective to eliminate import barriers driven by time and exchange risk.


Brand Development

  • Created long term campaigns that have helped to drive the identity of a company or specific product, all with intent to fill a need.
  • Consolidated five Spanish imprints under one singular imprint, while at the same time removing barriers to placement in the marketplace.
  • Careful balance of corporate assets and localization led to the formation of a new Spanish language imprint that needed to be distinct from prior brands and audience reach.
  • Guided the localization of English Brand Authors into Spanish Brand Authors. This alignment allowed for consistent branding and messaging for the author as well as the intended reader.
—Husband of one. Father of five. Discoverer of laughter and joy. Speaker of the unspoken. Traveler for business and pleasure. Executive leader who wishes to serve.